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My name is Heather, I am 22 years old and am a aunt to a wonderful 6 year old boy, and five month old girl.I babysit two little boys ages 5 and 7 both with disabilities.I work at a daycare center/Gym at which I have worked at for over five years. I have worked and volunteered at daycare center for 5 years.. I am interested in reviewing and giving away children products. I am also interested in reviewing and giving away products for myself.My e-mail is heatherstamper09@aol.com

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review for JV natural Deodorant!

I had the opportunity to review Junior Varsity All natural Deodorant review for kids!
This deodorant smells so good, and is 100% safe!
They have it for girls and boys! The girls scent comes in Cherry, and the boys scent comes in citrus! This deodorant is the ONLY First All Natural, Gender Specific, Kids Deodorant. The Ingredients in this deodorant are:
Glycerin: From vegetable oil. Used to retain skin's moisture
Aqua: Water
Sodium Stearate: From steraic acid(from Vegetable Oil)
Ethylhexylglycerin: Derived from vegetable glycerin
Polysorbate: Derived from Lauricc Acid from Coconut oil
Fragrance: Derived from essence oils

You won't find any harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals in our deodorant such as Aluminum Chlorophydrate(may be linked with Alzheimer's Disease), Paraben's(may be linked with breast cancer), Propylene Glycol (ingredient commonly used in manufacturing antifreeze).

38% Children start using deodorant between ages 6-8
54% Children start using deodorant between ages 9-11
8% Children start using Deodorant between ages 12+
*Based on a poll take by Cafe Mom*

Buy It:
Go to Jv Naturals to buy some all natural Deodorant for girls or boys!


  1. That is so cool. I've never heard of it. How do you find such great products to review?

  2. Natural health products are becoming such a great trend. I have been buying natural deodorant and all natural lip butter from Lavanila.com for a couple of months now. I could not be happier with their products and how great going all natural has been.

  3. My 6 year old son has always wanted to wear deodorant but since he hadn't really needed it and I didn't want to give him a ton of unnecessary chemicals I never bought him any.

    I saw this post about a month ago and have since purchased and fell in love with the boys deodorant! Such a great idea and such a great product.

  4. I have to tell you. . I saw this products a few month ago. I'm glad I did not purchase it at that time. . .i questioned one of the ingredients, "Ethylhexylglcerin" I recently found out that the FDA just put out a warning for "Ethylhexylglycerin" Please, do a little more research when you read a label, that states all natural.


    What is it?
    Ethylhexylglycerin is a conditioning agent and preservative.

    Why is it a risk?
    Two studies have found it to be a skin irritant, even at low concentrations, so people with sensitive skin may experience contact dermatitis. In addition, it is an eye irritant in animal studies.

    What Type of Products is it in?
    Lotions, washes, shampoo, conditioner
    Companies that use this ingredient:
    Avalon Organic
    Jason Organic
    Just to mention a few: My Opinion:
    Ethylhexylglycerin is a relatively new chemical on the market. Many companies use it as an alternative to parabens and claim that it's from natural sources. Yes, it may have started out as a vegetable oil, but it's gone through several chemical processes to become what it is. This isn't the worst ingredient in the world, but it's also not truly natural, and safety data is highly lacking for this ingredient. If you don't have to put chemicals on your skin, why do it? If you are still searching for a truly all natural children's deodorant, try www.natural-nest.com completely natural and children as young as six years, old are using the deodorant. Just thought I mention it.