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Friday, June 4, 2010

boojee Beads- Wear your Id's in style!

In my first semester in college I had to wear an ID on a lanyard. Except for ours was just on a string. I would have loved to known about Boojee Beads they have all kinds of beaded Lanyards. These lanyards are reasonably priced, cute, and fashionable. These would be GREAT for teachers. They have gifts that are especially for teachers.

This Summer I will work with the older kids at work, and we have to have a Lanyard. I just bought one last week, but I will have to buy one from boojeebeads whenever I need another one!

At Boojee Beads they also have Id Clips. My mom is a RN and she wears the Id Clips. I am going to buy my mom a Helping Hands Badge Reel id for her Birthday! Her Id clips get broke all the time!

When I was in Elementary, Middle, and High school the teacher's always had plain boring id clips and lanyards. I wish they had all these cute lanyards when I was in school.

They have gift bags to buy to put the lanyards, clips, and reels in them to give as gifts to teachers, nurses, office workers, etc.

They even have Where you can design a Lanyard, get custom Lanyards, conference credential jewelry, and custom logo beaded lanyards!

These would be great for Summer Camps, Schools, work, business's, conferences, teachers, graduation gift, other gifts, graduation parties, or whatever you would like.

They have some of the CUTEST Badges EVER!
You can get these for between $15.00 and $50.00! Which is very reasonably Priced!

I noticed on their site that they have free shipping if you buy more than $40. If you need a lanyard or a id go to Boojee Beads Now to get yours.

BUY IT: Go to BOOJEE BEADS to buy a Lanyard for yourself or for someone else.

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