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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loveable Labels turn 10!!!!!!!!!!

Loveable labels are one of my favorite companies. They have SO many neat products, but I would have to say the Autism Awareness ones are my favorite. I take care of a seven year old with Autism, and absolutely love him to death. I buy everything that advertise autism awareness, and I especially buy products where they donate some of their profits on the purchase. When you by the Autism Awareness Labels from Loveable Labels they donate $.50 to benefit autism research which is wonderful. Everyone can always use labels especially if you have kids that go to daycare or school because their things are always getting misplaced at the daycare or school. With Labels you can label their important items that way the teacher will know who it belongs to. This is a wonderful time to stock up on labels while this sell is going on. Buy Now and Save!!Why not its a perfect time to stock up. Loveable Labels are celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and from October 10th-October 19th they are going to have some pretty awesome events.
Their events include: *Their ten days of deals(Which sound pretty awesome)*They will be offering 50% off some of their most popular items* They will be launching new Surprise products. To see their deal of the day on their Gift Tree Click HERE! Please be sure to sign up for Loveable Labels Newsletter to get their daily offers sent Right to you inbox! You can sign up for the newsletter HERE! **This event runs from October 10th-October 19th, so please hurry to stock up**

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