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Friday, December 17, 2010

Back Then!

Last night I was looking through old Journals I have written in! I found my 2004 through 2007 journals. In 2004 I was in the 8th grade.

As I read through the journal of my 8th grade year, I thought wow! All the things that went on back then.lol I found where I was madly in love with this guy who I ended up dating for month my 9th grade year.lol I found all these guys names that I liked back then, and thought Wow how could I have liked those guys.

Now that I have graduated and I look back I think I wish I could have a redo of High School! In Middle School and High School all I had to worry about is who was my friends, how popular, did I have a Boyfriend.

Now I think Why couldn't I have concentrated on my grades, and not all the drama happening. I think bad why couldn't I have been nicer to the kids who were not as popular or who didn't go to church!

I have ha several friends who started bad things and then I just found new friends, but knowing what I know now I should have been a good Christian and talked to them bout Jesus.

God has led me through every step of the way! I have made mistakes and I realize everybody makes mistakes. God has led me to find my old journals, and to write this. I'm realizing just because a guy may say he is a Good Christian or goes to church that, that may not be true. He may be just telling you that so you will go out with him.

God is my leader. Like the Verse the Lord is my Sheppard!

We should help others and invite more people to church!

Today I would like to share a song from Casting Crown!
It is called If we are the body!

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