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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we had an Easter Egg hunt at the church I work at. We hide over 2000 eggs around the church and in the cemetery. There were probably about 50-75 people there(Maybe more). All the kids had so much fun finding all of the eggs.We had a healthy snack afterwards, and looked through all the eggs to see what they got in their eggs. There were kids there from 5 weeks through 12 years old finding the eggs. There were a lot of teens and adults there helping also.

Here is my cousin and the Easter Bunny!

My cousin and I!


  1. We took our daughter to a community one (17 months), and they had all the 0-4 year olds together, which meant some people had 2 parents, a small child in a stroller and perhaps another kid, plus a grandparent taking pictures, right in the middle of it, instead of hanging out on the sides. Needless to say? Our poor kid practically got trampled. Because we are polite and wanted our child pick up her own eggs, she only got 1. 3 people gave us one of theirs(from full baskets). Other moms with kids WAY old enough to #1 not be in there (developing bosoms picking up eggs in the under 4 section) and also the moms themselves picking up handfuls of eggs. It was so disappointing. I thought every mom would hold their kids hand and walk them around (letting the older ones do their own thing).. apparently, NOT! I am glad you guys had a good experience. We had a photo op, which was nice. She could only eat one piece of the candy, so the rest is going to cousins, and they turned the eggs back in, but still, it kind of stunk. Who goes and picks up a ton of eggs for their kid who is perfectly capable of doing it themselves? Everyone but us, apparently. All we ended up doing was confusing our kid. We didn't know what to expect (obviously). We were there for a social, good time. It ended up being kind of bitter. She didn't need the candy. She needed to DO something, like other kids her age. Guess maybe next year she'll be ready to run and knock the other kids down.

  2. Jill, They have several Easter Egg Hunt's in out town. There is one at a local Park, and they have one big square they dump eggs in and let the kids push each other to get the eggs which isn't fair. At the church I work at they put one section in the back for real little kids and one section for older kids. Then the front of the cemetery everyone can find eggs. I followed my little cousin around, and showed her where eggs where but didn't pick any up for her. I don't think anybody there picked up eggs for their kids except for the real little kids.