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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buddy Walk- Down Syndrome Awareness!

I know two very Special kids who has Down Syndrome. They Inspire me SO much, and I love them both so much!

Here is a Picture of me and Caroline!

Here is David!

This is Hope, David's Sister Hope!

I have a really good picture of Kyle, David's Brother, but it is on my other camera and it is dead and I can't find the charger. It will not let me put pictures on here unless its charged. I will put that picture on here as soon as I can find my charger!

Laura Davids, Hope, and Kyle's Mom has a blog post about the walk too. Please go visit her blog Sweet life with Boy's!
Her blog Url is also on my side bar. I love to read her blog.
Her blog is one of my favorite blogs!

Here is one of Caroline's brother's Tommy!

Here is Caroline's other brother Will!

Today was the annual Buddy Walk in our community! Today is the first year I have went. It was great!! There were several Kids and adults there who have Down Syndrome. Also, Lots of people there who love those kids!

I had saw pictures from last years Buddy walk and it looked Great.... Well it is even Better in Person than in Pictures.

We took a short walk around town wearing our Blue and Yellow clothing!

I am so blessed to have these kids in my life. They are so loving!
Here is a poem that I used in a Down Syndrome Research paper:

Special Angel
(Down Syndrome Birth)

by Sandy Eakle

As beautiful angels wings were
flying over the streets of gold,
the baby angels could only
watch since they weren't very old.

Then one day God stopped to
talk to a little one without wings,
just listen to the angels sing".

Confused yet excited the little
one said to the Lord,
"But I'm different from the others
God and not a miracle to behold".

"Oh, but yes you are," He said
with a hug and smile on his face.
"You're the greatest gift I can give
and a loving home you will grace".

You mean, tho I'm different and
will never be beautiful or smart
Someone will want me and give
me a place in their heart?"

"Gee God.....that person must be
special to be glad to have me,
Cause most folks would frown
and upset they would be."

God said, "your little heart was
filled with more love than most.
Cause I knew this family would
love you and hold you real close.

So go my little angel and take
the greatest gift I can bestow.
You're that "special" angel few
people have the honor to know."

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  1. This is so beautiful! You are a angel for doing this!!