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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Letters to God" The Movie!

I just finished watching Letter's to God! If you have not saw this movie I highly recommend it to you! It is a very touching movie. The little boy who has cancer trusts in God no matter what happens! He writes letter's to God that touches their Mailman! "You are a letter. . . written not with pen an ink but with the spirit of the living God." 2 Corinthians 3:3

I have always wanted to help kids with Cancer! I'm just not sure how to get started with it! I would like to collect things to take to the children at the Local Children's hospital! Does anybody have any idea's of how to get donations for stuff to give to kids?

Also, there is a website for Letter's to GOd where you can write your own Letter's to God! Here is the Website!


  1. What you should do first is pick the hospital you want to give you. Call their publicity/PR director or email or so on and see if they accept donations and what they WANT/NEED. Ask them to direct you to the person most able to assist you with it. Then, find out what those items are, and set up with your church a month to do a donation drive. At the church we have gone to a couple of times, they are doing a 'service' day where they are sewing/tying blankets and collecting used stuffed animals for 'unprepared mothers' at the local hospital. However, not all places might accept 'gently used', for example, cancer wards might want new and so on. So ask specifically what they might want and then coop with a church or civic organization. Try and get it in before the holiday rush starts, for example for Halloween or Thanksgiving, etc.

  2. Thanks for recommending this movie, I've never heard of it and will have to check it out, thanks!