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Friday, March 13, 2009

See Kai Run Shoe Review!

See Kai Run was generous enough to let me review a pair of See Kai Run Shoes. These are the cutest shoes I have ever seen.My nephew loved them. He kept them on and did not want to take them off at bedtime.We tried the Paul shoe which is adorable and the inside of the shoe felt so soft.
SOme things about these shoes are:
*They are healthy fit
*flexible,leather lining is breathable and durable
*they are quality construction
*They are hip
How this company came to be a mother of a two year old Kai wanted Kai to have shoes that were bold, hip, fun,and had an urban sensibility. Then in November of 2004 the first shoe hit children’s boutiques and it has been sucessful ever since.

Right now she has select shoes for 25% off.

To buy these shoes you can go to www.seekairun.com
You can buy Smaller see kai run shoes that are sizes 0-18 months
The see Kai run shoes are sizes 3-9
The eleven shoes are sizes 9-3
Isaac my nephew loved these shoes so much I had to set him on my lap to take the pictures so there is also a picture of my shoe in it. As soon as I put the shoe on his feet he started running around the house every where he loves them.
Thanks to See Kai Run for this wonderful shoe review. Also I would like to thank them for my first review.

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