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Friday, November 4, 2011

Facing The Giants Sermon at church.

This past Sunday the pastor at my church preached on David and Goliath. He explained how David defeated the Giant with only one stone because he had God in his life. That morning I was debating on whether to go to church or not, but something inside me told me to go and I'm glad I did. I have been having a lot of struggles lately, and lots of Giants. This sermon helped me because now I realize all the Giants I have can be defeated because Ive got God on my side, and as long as I trust in God and pray those giants will be defeated.

Since then I have been less depressed, and a lot happier.One of the Giants got one of my good friends really mad at me. He had given me a REALLY good talk and I listened and absorbed it all, but I kept getting more depressed and more depressed. He hasn't talked to me in a few weeks, and probably wont for a long time. He has changed me so much into my old self. He don't realize how much he helped me, and he's a GREAT Friend to talk too because he listens so good and he tells me the truth. I don't think he's actually my friend anymore, but I pray every night that he will forgive me completely. I know it will take time and space for us to be friends again. I regret what I did and he may never talk to me again. I hope he will because Ive got so much exciting news to share with him. I've got a lot of good things going right and I feel so lucky to have such GREAT Family and friends. Some days are tougher than others especially with not being able to talk to him. I know God has his plans and everything will workout just how its suppose to.

A movie that is very inspirational and deals with this post is Facing The Giants.
In it, it is always saying what is impossible with God and they always say nothing is impossible with God. With God all things are possible is my favorite verse.

There is a song Id like to share too. It is one of my favorites.

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