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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


How could someone foster a kid, and then just send them back and write on facebook how much Better their life is. No I don't know the whole situation, but that 14 year old girl is in another Foster home. Even if something went on the Foster Mother should not have posted it all over facebook. That Made me so mad!
Yesterday on the girls facebook she had just moved in with another foster home. She asked for all of her friends to pray for her.
Please pray for her.

I know God has a plan for her. It just makes me so SAD to think that somebody wouldn't want her.(But like I said I don't know the whole situation)
All this has made me think How lucky I am to have a Mom and a dad that are still together and two WONDERFUL Brothers. I thank God everyday that I have a family, and don't have to be switched from Foster home to foster home.

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